Finding a mortgage with a poor credit history is difficult and has to be approached very carefully because of the shortage of lenders in this market. Having the advice of a qualified Poor Credit Mortgage Broker will greatly enhance your chances. With only a few sub prime lenders to choose from, getting it right first time is very important.

Steven Neale – Specialist Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

Steve and Sue made the whole process very easy and calming. The advice given set me at ease as I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a mortgage due to credit issues of the past. Highly recommend!

Mr Wright, 11th March 2020

Thanks both for all your help!

Anonymous, 14 February 2020

Excellent service, always informed me of any information required in a timely manor.

Ms Ross, 13 February 2020

Steven and Sue were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and their calming influences made us feel at ease throughout the whole process.

Baggott, 03 February 2020

Very obliging, helpful and provided all the guidance we could have expected.

Millar, 23 January 2020

Steve provided an excellent service to us and ensured we had the necessary documentation in readiness for our mortgage application. He was very patient in dealing with all our enquiries looking through several scenarios to suit our situation. The process was seamless and very satisfactory.

Ayodele, 13 January 2020

SN Mortgages understood our position extremely well, even when there was an unexpected potential move rather than the remortgage.

Elliott, 28 November 2019

Thank you – yet again! We have organised a variety of mortgages over the years with SN Mortgages. The mortgage process is always complex by nature, but Steve and Sue always make the ‘journey’ as seamless as possible. Calm, friendly, helpful.

Webb, 28 November 2019

S N Mortgages have provided an excellent service. They have been very accommodating to my personal requirements and provided a timely, yet thorough service. They provided multiple product options and talked me through the benefits in each case. Thank you both for your support and patience.

Mr & Mrs Tarring, 14 November 2019

Thank you Steve & Sue for all your hard work in in securing a mortgage for us to purchase our first home. No query or question was too much trouble, thanks again.

Mr Hockley & Miss Lee, 07 November 2019

As always, both Steven and Sue were knowledgeable, helpful, informative, quick and a pleasure to deal with.

Clive Saffron, Aug 2019
Mortgage refused


Having been refused a mortgage isn’t the end of your home buying dream, but what you do next is very important.

Mortgage with arrears


The tricky one. Would you lend to someone if they had missed payments on their mortgage? Thankfully, there are lenders who will.

Mortgage with defaults


Any Defaults registered over 2 years ago can be ignored, do not have to be repaid and you could borrow up to 100% of a property’s value.

Mortgage with CCJ


The main consideration a credit lender will want to know when looking at the CCJ’s on your credit file is the date they were registered.

Mortgage with IVA


If you have equity in your home, you could arrange a remortgage to clear your IVA early by offering a reduced settlement amount to your creditors.

Mortgage with DMP


I will help to prepare your applications, limit the impact of your DMP, and secure the finance needed to purchase your new home.

Mortgage after repossession


This is the tricky one! Understandably lenders are extremely wary of lending if you have previously had a property repossessed.


Has Your Contractor Mortgage Been Declined? Special circumstances need a Specialist Contractor Mortgage Broker.

Bridging Loans


Bridging finance really should be your last place for finance having exhausted family, friends, mortgage lenders and second charge lenders.

Help to buy mortgage


I know of 6 lenders that offer mortgages if you have a poor credit history. One of them will accept 5% Cashback from the builder as your deposit!

Shared Ownership mortgage with bad credit


100% Mortgages Available! A Shared Ownership property can help you get on to the property ladder sooner as you only need a smaller mortgage.

Right to Buy


Mortgages are readily available from the High Street however many of them will only accept you if you have a clean credit history.

Mortgage after bankruptcy


Many people I talk to are delighted to find that after talking to me they do qualify for a mortgage having been made Bankrupt.

Second Charge Mortgage Loans


Do you need a loan but your existing mortgage lender has said no? The answer maybe a Second Charge Mortgage.

credit score tips


Each lender scores you differently, so this is more art than science, especially because lenders are tight-lipped about what they’re looking for.

Finding a mortgage if you have a poor credit history is difficult and has to be approached very carefully because of the shortage of lenders in this market. Having the advice of an experienced and qualified bad credit mortgage adviser like myself will greatly improve your chances of getting a mortgage.

I specialise in bad credit mortgages because there are very few brokers dedicated to offering advice in this area. Understanding the lending criteria for bad credit mortgages is far more complex, detailed and time consuming, compared with dealing with a standard mortgage from a high street lender.

With only a few subprime mortgage lenders to choose from, getting it right first time is very important.

What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?

A bad credit mortgage, typically offered from a specialist lender, is a type of mortgage aimed at those who have a poor credit history and would otherwise struggle to be accepted for a standard mortgage from a high street lender.

Depending on the lender and personal circumstances, bad credit mortgages can be offered to applicants with a wide range of credit issues, such as missed payments and arrears to defaults and CCJs. I’ve also helped many clients with more serious credit issues, such as IVAs, Discharged Bankrupts, DMPs and repossessions.

Can I get a Mortgage with Poor Credit?

The short answer is yes, but it’s all about the timing.

Looking at your credit history alone, I can always get you a mortgage, so the questions should be ‘when can I get a mortgage with bad credit’ and ‘how much could I borrow?’

When can I get a mortgage with bad credit?

The amount of time between the adverse marks on your credit file and your mortgage application, is crucial.

For example, if you had a CCJ or Default that was registered more than 6 years ago, you could get a mortgage today without a problem. However, if they were 3 to 6 months ago, it would be much harder to get a mortgage – though not impossible, as I have lenders who would consider you even in these circumstances.

If you are in a Debt Management Plan, some lenders will only lend if it finished 12 months ago, whereas others say it must have been running for 12 months but does not have to cleared. And some lenders even say there is no minimum term it has to have been running.

How much could I borrow with poor credit?

If you are buying a Shared Ownership property, you could borrow up to 100% of the share you wanted to buy, so you would not need a deposit. This option makes it possible to get a 100% mortgage with bad credit.

If it was under the Government’s Help to Buy scheme for new build properties, then you would only need a 5% deposit with the Government adding the other 20%, with a mortgage for the remaining 75%. This is a popular choice for those looking for a small deposit mortgage with bad credit.

For a standard property you could borrow up to 95% with poor credit, if your credit history has been OK for the past few years. This is where time is important as the shorter the period between credit issues and the mortgage application, the more deposit you will likely have to put down.

Why should I use a Bad Credit Mortgage Broker?

Applying for a mortgage with adverse credit is a tricky business. If your mortgage application is rejected, this can act as a red flag to other lenders. This is why it’s crucial to get it right first time, by using an experienced and qualified bad credit mortgage broker, who can tell you with a high degree of certainty, who is likely to lend, and who is not, based on your credit file and personal circumstances.

Unlike applying for a mortgage with a high street lender, where there are sourcing systems that quickly & easily find the best mortgage for you by entering your details, there is no such help when it comes to finding a bad credit mortgage.

First, a Broker has to read a copy of your credit file and understand its contents. It requires a real understanding of the information on your file to be able to match the information to a lender, and this can only be learnt with time and experience.

Having read your credit file, a broker has to manually look for an adverse mortgage lender that would consider you based on your credit history (as well as other factors such as income and employment status). There is no automatic process for this so each lender’s criteria has to be assessed to see whether they would lend.

Steven Neale

Specialist Bad Credit Mortgage Broker


Years of Experience

I specialise in Bad Credit Mortgages for people who have a poor credit history because of any number of reasons.

Choice of Lenders

I am a Whole of Market, Mortgage Broker meaning I can talk to every lender to see about finding you the right mortgage.

Saving You Money

As a specialist Mortgage Broker for over 30 years I have a great deal of experience that will help save you time & money.