Steven Neale

Adverse Credit Mortgage Broker

Do you need a mortgage but you have bad credit? I’m an adverse credit mortgage broker who makes mortgages possible for people with poor credit.

  • Missed payments, arrears, defaults, CCJs, IVAs, DMPs, and even Bankruptcy

  • Government schemes like Shared Ownership and Right to Buy

  • Contractors, CIS, Directors, and Self-Employed

  • Product Transfers, Second Charge, Bridging Loans, and Insurance

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Steven Neale

Adverse Credit Mortgage Specialist

Do you need a mortgage but you have bad credit? I’m an adverse credit mortgage broker who makes mortgages possible for people with poor credit.

  • Missed payments, arrears, defaults, CCJs, IVAs, DMPs, and even Bankruptcy

  • Government schemes like Shared Ownership and Right to Buy

  • Contractors, CIS, Directors, and Self-Employed

  • Product Transfers, Second Charge, Bridging Loans, and Insurance

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Very fast efficient service – would recommend.

Hopson & Johnson – 3rd June 2024

Steve & Sue were professional throughout the whole proceed. Would have no hesitation in recommending their company.

Hentschel – 29th May 2024

We experienced difficulty in finding our original mortgage and Steve and Sue were instrumental in helping us purchase our first home. Likewise, when it came to remortgaging 2 years later they were pivotal in finding us a suitable mortgage rate with a new provider.

Henschel – 27th March 2024

Thank you to both Steve and Sue for all the hard work and patience

Anon – 22nd March 2024

Fantastic service as always.

Anon – 4th March 2024

Steven and Sue have been absolutely wonderful throughout the whole mortgage application process. Even when we were unsuccessful with our first application which left us panicking, Steven remained calm and professional, informed us there were plenty of other options and worked quickly on a new application suited to our needs. Steven would answer his phone efficiently and if he missed us, he would call back immediately, something which can be quite rare these days. We would recommend Steven and Sue to anyone that maybe struggling with the whole mortgage process, especially the self employed, they took all the stress from us and deserved every single penny we payed them. We will absolutely be returning to Steven and Sue in the future and only wish we had found them sooner. We found them to be invaluable and an absolute pleasure to deal with, they are the reason we can finally sleep well at night! Thank you both again.

Oldham – 22nd February 2024

Helpful and helped us in finding mortgage with suitable interest rates given our adverse credit at the time

Kunda – 15th February 2024

I have used Steve twice now and both times he has been professional and has always listened to me, which was very reassuring when I was considering not buying anymore and giving up on the process.

Anonymous – 6th February 2024

Steve and Sue have been fantastic, they worked hard to get our application pushed through before Christmas and were on hand and very responsive to any questions that we had regarding our mortgage application. I would highly recommend.

Martin – 2nd January 2024

I have felt very well looked after throughout this process, and advocated for, to meet my individual financial needs. The communication between Steven, Sue and I has been of the highest standard, and I could not have asked for more. I was treated without prejudice, and with understanding, and I am so happy that I have been able to buy a home which my daughter and I can now settle into, and start a new chapter. Thank you so much Steven and Sue!

Hentschell – 21 November 2023

Helping you buy a home whatever your credit issues.

Mortgage Arrears

Would you lend to someone if they had missed payments on their mortgage? Thankfully, there are lenders who will.


Defaults registered over 2 years ago can be ignored, do not have to be repaid and you can borrow up to 100% of property value


The main consideration a lender will want to know when looking at the CCJ’s on your credit file is the date they were registered


IVAs are a serious credit issue, however, I’ve helped many clients who have had IVAs to get a mortgage


Not a problem. You can keep the DMP going, clear it or have it repaid in the past. Whatever situation you are in, I have lenders that would consider you for a mortgage.


Many people I talk to are delighted to find that after talking to me they do qualify for a mortgage having been made Bankrupt


This is the tricky one! Understandably lenders are extremely wary of lending if you have previously had a property repossessed

Mortgage Declined

Having been refused a mortgage isn’t the end of your home buying dream, but what you do next is very important.


Has Your Contractor Mortgage Been Declined? Special circumstances need a Specialist Contractor Mortgage Broker

Right to Buy

Mortgages are readily available from the High Street however many of them will only accept you if you have a clean credit history.

Help to Buy

Help to Buy (Wales) is still available until 31st March 2025 so you need to act fast! I know of 5 lenders offering mortgages if you have a poor credit history.

Shared Ownership

100% Mortgages Available! A Shared Ownership mortgage can help you get on to the property ladder sooner as you do not need a deposit!

Product Transfers

By using a Product Transfer, Homeowners could save hundreds of pounds per month by changing their current lenders interest rate to a new deal

Second Charge Mortgages

Do you need a loan but your existing mortgage lender has said no? The answer maybe a Second Charge Mortgage. This service is by referral only.

Bridging Loans

Bridging finance really should be your last place for finance having exhausted family, friends, mortgage lenders and second charge lenders. This service is by referral only.


Applying for a mortgage with bad credit is a tricky business. If your mortgage application is rejected, this can act as a red flag to other lenders. This is why it’s crucial to get it right first time, by using an experienced and qualified bad credit mortgage broker, who can tell you with a high degree of certainty, who is likely to lend, and who is not, based on your credit file and personal circumstances.

Unlike applying for a mortgage with a high street lender, where there are sourcing systems that quickly & easily find the best mortgage for you by entering your details, there is no such help when it comes to finding a bad credit mortgage.

First, a Broker has to read a copy of your credit file and understand its contents. It requires a real understanding of the information on your file to be able to match the information to a lender, and this can only be learnt with time and experience.

Having read your credit file, a broker has to manually look for an adverse mortgage lender that would consider you based on your credit history (as well as other factors such as income and employment status). There is no automatic process for this so each lender’s criteria has to be assessed to see whether they would lend.

A bad credit mortgage broker like myself has access to the specific lending criteria of a wide panel of lenders who can help those with credit issues. Having this level of insight allows me to match an applicant with the right lender based on the applicant’s specific credit issues and the lender’s own criteria.

Without this knowledge, applicants would essentially be applying blindly to lenders hoping that they meet their criteria, and in most cases, they will not if they have credit issues. Applying for mortgages in such a way will further damage the applicants credit score by resulting in a string of rejected applications.

Depending on your credit file and the severity of your credit issues, it’s possible that I would not be able to match you with a lender. This is fairly rare as I work with a wide range of lenders who cater for all levels of credit issues, but it is possible.

In such circumstances, I would identify the particular issue with your credit file which puts you out of range for an application, and highlight when you would be able to apply, and who with.

In short, no, but they do have access to most. In the case of bad credit mortgages, brokers like myself will have access to the vast majority of products available. In addition, many lenders in the bad credit market will only deal with certified brokers and do not allow applicants to apply directly.

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